7 Things I would do with 100 Billion Dollars

I have mainly 7 things I would like to do if I ever get to earn 100 billion dollars a year for 100 consecutive years.

(Image from: http://andrewpegoda.com/2015/03/27/9-problems-with-money-in-2015/)

1. Found a school or university: As I always valued the importance of education, I would like to contribute to passing knowledge on to the next generation of this nation.

2. Build a library: Reading books has always been my hobby, and I hope to share these valuable experiences with others, too.

3. Form 1 to 1 sponsorships with children of developing nations: I would like to donate my money so that some children might actually experience significant and dramatic changes in their life.

4. Go on a trip to Europe: I always had a dream of traveling throughout Europe, as the historic and social background of the place had been very enticing for me.

5. Buy a new house in Seoul: As I currently live in Gyeong-gi, I want to experience living in Seoul.

6. Give scholarships to talented students: I would love to fund those that are very talented and smart but lack the economic resources to receive high-class education.

7. Buy my favorite music albums: I’d like to buy albums with the pieces of music I like.

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